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Welcome to the weekend workshop!

This workshop is intended as an introductory experience to what the full-stack program at Epicodus has to offer. During this workshop, you will get a small taste of several concepts that we cover throughout the first few weeks of Epicodus.

Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

  • HTML and CSS: The presentation and styling languages of the web
  • JavaScript: The programming language of the web
  • Bootstrap: A framework for easily creating good-looking websites
  • jQuery: A library that makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation simple

If you are participating in the online-only remote workshop, you'll start with the Online Accessible Workshop Lessons. Otherwise, if you are participating in an in-person workshop environment, you'll start with the Intro to Programming Workshop Lessons.

Both sets of lessons are accessible on the side bar.

To navigate through the lessons, you can utilize the side bar to find the section, day, and lesson you'd like to peruse. Otherwise, to navigate sequentially, click the Next or Previous buttons at the bottom of each page.